CONTORTIONIST Approaches to Weight Loss

Been doing a ton of research on weight loss methods, and one after another, I’m finding a common theme: Take your current life, and add (or subtract) something to it, or from it, and hope that it’ll cause you to lose some weight.

Some programs are long term, and make you eliminate the items that cause weight gain, and replace them with a new healthy diet. Fair enough. Others are short term – ’30 pounds in 30 days’ or whatever – so you can get back to normal life once you’ve dropped the unwelcome extra pounds. Maybe it’s a crash low-carb diet, maybe an intensive workout regiment, whatever.

Both get results. Either can cause weight loss. But both miss an important truth: we’re creatures of habit. Whether you’re trying to cold turkey all of your little pleasures, or you’re signing up for some Navy SEAL style, 6am daily ass-kicking, you’re taking on a very unfamiliar position. A bit like holding your breath; striking a pose; contorting your body, and/or your diet into some foreign position, and then holding it for as long as you can keep up the energy to do so… Until you finally exhale, and say screw this. (Diet break-ups can be movie worthy).

Everyone’s done this and is likely laughing right now at how silly it looks on paper, yet, a billion dollar industry is built on it. And there’s any wonder why 99% of people who lose weight gain it back.

Aside from cleanses, when it comes to taking on any new program – unless you can say I’m going to do this for the rest of my life – it’s a waste of time. Your regular habits are what got you to this point, and when you snap back to them, they’ll get you right back to where you were when you started. A little poorer, and a lot more discouraged, no?