Is This For You?

Ask yourself if there is any truth to the following statements:

  • I’m looking for information on the internet that will help me lose weight.
  • I’m so over all the gimmicky stuff and I have seriously developed an allergic reaction to ‘before and after’ photos.
  • I need something simple, and that can work for me in my life right now, without having to make a lot of drastic changes.
  • I need something that I can do at my own pace, but still feel like I’m making progress.

You’ve realized that you are not in control of your weight, and you would like to change it, if you could. Maybe you’ve stood in front of the mirror and fantasized about what you would trade or sacrifice in exchange for magically transforming your weight and size. All the popular and super-hyped ‘secret-solutions’ just don’t appeal to you, (or they just plain insult your intelligence). Maybe you’re a little embarrassed about being overweight and don’t want to acknowledge the issue with anyone; it’s private and you’re uncomfortable asking for help from anyone. You feel defeated around the issue, and have learned to just resign yourself to ‘this is the way it is’.

You’ve tried diets, calorie counting and exercise plans but have either not had success, not stuck with them, or ended up gaining the weight back. Or, maybe you’ve never bothered to try them because of their dismal success rates! (not to mention all the celebrity nightmares).

Either way, the sense of accomplishment or momentum in ‘getting somewhere’ is nowhere to be found. For me, watching the infomercial guys with six-pack abs promote their latest ab-sculpting device was so far from reality that it was laughable.

I always wished there was somewhere to start that was closer to my reality.

This is not a nutrition-focused website. A google search for ‘nutrition programs’ comes up with over 39 million results.

Clearly, focusing on nutrition alone is not the answer to healthy and effective weight loss.

No, FoodBlueprint is a whole-life focused  approach to losing weight. There are no demands placed on you, other than to take the time to consider all of the layers of your own ‘blueprint’.

The content and coaching here will help you do that, and it will guide you to life-changing results.

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