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Time to stop beating yourself up for being fat!

Seriously it’s not serving anyone. And really, it’s not your fault anyway as you would know if you read my site and bought my book. Not that you aren’t to blame though – oh yeah, you’re totally to blame. But it’s not your fault. “Well what. the hell. is the difference?” I’ll come back to it.

So I’ve had a ‘disc protrusion’ in my back (L5-S1 if you must know) for, mmm, going on 5 months now. Pretty much constant pain. I’ve determined it’s from sitting at my computer. Writing writing writing, trying to enlighten the en-largened folks out there.

So I’ve been unable to do very much exercise, really since December of last year when it started to bother me. So, as summer brings plenty of socializing, warm summer nights, beer, barbecues, and blackberry crumble, I thought for sure I would see 10-15 pounds on the scale. I was indeed quite surprised to see my regular 178.5 move all the way up to… 182. That’s it? Big fucking deal. So apparently, I can’t gain weight for trying. Well fuck me right?

No, because it really inspired me to get back on here on start helping people again to lose weight. (I’ve been gone for a while, like you’ve noticed.)

But seriously, I’m going to pack all this good stuff up into something you can really sink your teeth into, because I want you to be able to re-calibrate your set point, as I have – evidence – suggests, managed to master.

Hint: it doesn’t matter what you eat. Well, it matters for cholesterol and vitamins and nourishment and all that, but not necessarily for weight gain/loss. At least, not in the way you think.

If you’re sick and god-dammned tired of hearing about how you simply need to consume fewer calories than you burn (read in nerdy poindexter voice), and you want real advice from a real person who really lost 100 pounds ten eleven years ago and has never gained it back, (and who is a master coach) then stay close, there’s more to come. Comment on this article to let me know you’re out there. I’ll give you some discount or something. Seriously do it. Or there will be no book.

Oh, and that part about it not being your fault, but that you’re still to blame? Yeah, you’re gonna have to come back for that. I haven’t exactly figured that out myself (sheepish grin).