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“Made with Real Hydrogenated Oil!”

I picked up a bag of Cheetos yesterday. It’s my nephews fault, he loves them, and felt it necessary to Tweet that fact. So guess what I went out and bought a day later. I’ve done all I can to wise him up to the horrors of hydrogenated oil. He’s 11 though, and thinks they are “the best crunchy thing in the world”. I’m wasting my time.

On the front of the bag there’s this official looking stamp that says, “Made with Real Cheese!”. Imagine 50 years ago, showing someone the cheese snack you created, and then proclaiming that it was, in fact, made with ‘real’ cheese. It would be absurd and just plain confusing.

I guess we’ve past a point where ‘the artificial’ has saturated ‘the authentic’, so much so that we now celebrate when something is actually real.