Tips and more tips

Google ‘weight loss’ and you get 108 million responses. Million. I mean, how are you even supposed to find a starting point? First you have to wade through all the sponsored links. Fine. But then you have a bazillion pages offering you ‘tips’. Free Weight Loss ‘tips’. And then the free ‘tip’ is like, drink more water; take the stairs; exercise. Thaaanks. Tell you what you can do with your ‘tips’… Mostly, these ‘tips’ (yes, I’m going to continue putting the word in quotes) amount to nothing more than ‘free’ content devised to drive you to a sales page for some other useless crap. Probably a book of ‘tips’.

A tip is something you give someone that’s current, that’s new, like a stock tip. A tip is not simply common knowledge or medical findings regurgitated by some weight loss pseudo-expert ‘tip’-factory. If I ever give you a ‘tip’, please send me hate mail, in order that I might smarten up.

I’m not even going to start with ‘secrets’.


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